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  • Learn how to Firmly Position Your Mindset to Achieve Tremendous Breakthrough At ANY Age!

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  • Harness the Power of Focus to Accomplish Your Every Goal!

  • Fulfill Your Life's Purpose and Mission!

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Meet Your Mentor: Jere B

Hey, I'm Jere B!

Music & Creativity have branded my life since the day

I was born. I've thrown myself into every single creative curiosity, taken risks, failed miserably and by God's grace, overcame enormous obstacles!

I Live a Great Life!

I've been blessed to work with and learn from some of the most talented artists, musicians and songwriters in the business. I Live, Breathe and Teach these lessons simply because I am ultra passionate about success.

The framework of all I have learned and live center around sharpening our Mindset, Discipline & Focus. These are NOT Three Cute Little Marketing Words.

They Are The Cornerstone of Your Success and

I Show You How & Why!

There are Infinite Altitudes of Achievement!

Make the Decision to Rise to Your Own Level!

Do Not Settle for Someone Else's Definition of Success!

You Can Accomplish Anything You Decide to Do!

Anything at Any Age! Let's Go!

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“Jere B has been a monumental influence on my career, from everything from self publishing to organizing a set list, Jere’s years of experience are so valuable for anyone seeking the independent artist route!”

- Unc D , as heard on Spotify’s ‘Jazztronica’ playlist and more

“Jere B” has a very rare balance of both musical and business brilliance, which gives him leverage as the ultimate entrepreneur and a musician. Jere is single-handedly responsible for grooming my interest in the music industry by providing me with countless resources to sharpen my understanding of publishing, label operations and community partnerships. Beulah is truly the most innovative, fair and forward-thinking 21st century music mogul that you may have never heard of - YET!

A. Orlando Watson

Interdisciplinary Artist, Poet, Narrator & Lyricist

Jere B has created a platform for independent artists to be able to grow and thrive of their own making.

Jere and the EntreMusician platform have inspired me and I’ve grown tremendously since knowing him. He has proven to me that the independent portals available to the independent artist are something with which we can develop, and grow on our own.

Maria Jacobs

Vocal Jazz Professor,

Kent State University, National Recording Artist

"Jere's Entremusician wisdom helps independant artists with sound advice to navigate the music business, and make a positive impact with their artistry. "

Andrew Slater

Songwriter, Artist

"Jere B is one of those people who not only knows music but also knows the music biz. I have worked with Jere for years and he has placed my music both on air and online. If you want to grow your music and your platform talk to Jere!"

Jim Couchenour Composer, Musician, Recording Artist,

Video Producer - Greenford Christian Church

"I've known Jere B for about four years now, and working with him on The Entremusician has been a pleasure.

His experience with musicians over decades of performing and recording, his work in and around the music industry, and his heart, are proving to be a great value for young artists who need to understand the industry and how to make a living as an artist.

Jere B is going to get you were you need to be to turn your dreams into reality."

Linda Balliro

Associate Professor,

Berklee College of Music

Author, "Being A Singer: the Art, Craft and Science

Teacher, Coach, Consultant for professional and recreational singers.

"Jere B's knowledge of the music business, along with his talent and music production chops are crucial to me and my career!

He has been and still is, a very important component and friend of mine whom I hope to continue working with for many more years to come!!"

Eric Tyus

Smooth Jazz Guitarist

“Jere B is the consummate professional, with a musician’s soul whose podcast has brought countless musicians insight into the journey of entrepreneurship. Plus… he’s a fun guy to talk to!”

John A. Sheil, Esq.

J. Arthur Sheil & Associates, Inc.

Musician / Sound Engineer

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Since his debut on our channel, The EntreMusician Podcast remains one of our most watched and enduring shows.

Jere's wit and wisdom shines through on and off the screen. He's a joy to work with.

Dr. Tei Brown - Founder, VizuewlDramatics Network

Jere B is a listener, a coach, and understands the industry inside and out. He knows how to bring you to your creative place to produce your best work.

Deanna Hinz

Founder of CarbonSilk

Digital Marketing & Consulting

Jere’s vast knowledge of the music industry from preproduction, execution, publication, distribution and including all the finite details is an expertise that Jere has perfected with years of mastering. Jere’s love for music is instilled in him which shows in his incredible work including his widely popular show The EntreMusician highlighting guests involved in all aspects of the music industry.

Greg Rhoton,

Community Marketing and

Local Programming Manager

Armstrong Network, North Lima, OH

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